Starbucks perfects coffee cup lid, prevents spills

Something more to love about Starbucks.

With all the noise about declining sales at Starbucks, the company has found a way to lure me back. Something that I’ve always hated about takeout coffee cup lids is the fact that, when you’re driving (at least like I do), coffee tends to pop out of the sipping hole. I know I’m supposed to be able to drive so smoothly that a cup of water placed on my dashboard won’t spill, but I never have and I likely never will reach such lofty heights of driving skill. Someone at Starbucks or Solo cup came up with quite the idea: an extra-fancy toothpick-looking thing with a plastic nub on the end that plugs the hole. This priceless invention will go down in history as the savior of many Automobile Magazine test car interiors. Gone are the days when I had to run into my house to grab paper towels to sop up my spillage.

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