Spied: Wild Teal Lexus LFA Seen On the ‘Ring; Is It A Special Edition?

The combination of a Lexus LFA and retina-melting turquoise paint is enough to catch anyone’s attention. But, mix in a giant rear wing, a bare carbon fiber roof, manufacturer’s plates, and the Nurburgring, and you have the makings of Internet buzz.

Our crack spy photographer sent us these shots of a wild turquoise LFA prototype recently caught lapping the Nurburgring. At first glance, the canard winglets, fixed rear spoiler, and mesh-pattern wheels suggest this is merely an LFA Nurburgring Edition. Look closer, and you’ll see there are a few other details that don’t quite fit into that theory. The hood itself boasts a few additional cooling ports not found on the production car, while the distinctive triangular exhaust tips out back are eschewed in favor of quad tips, with each pair placed just below the taillamps.

Is this just a one-off LFA, built to appease a customer’s wide-ranging requests? Perhaps – but with its bare carbon fiber hood and roof, it also sounds quite a bit like the so-called Tokyo Edition model CAR Magazine reported on late last year.  CAR suggested the vehicle could debut at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, hence the Tokyo Edition name. Sadly, such a vehicle never materialized at the show.

Could this car be a revival of the Tokyo Edition? Perhaps, though we suspect if it does foreshadow a special-edition model, it will gain a different name. This particular car sports black striping above its rocker sills, along with “AD-A” nameplates.

Recent reports suggest Lexus has sold almost every single example of the 500 LFAs built, and that supplies were down to single-digit levels. We wouldn’t be all that surprised if the company chose to go out with a special-edition bang, much like many other supercar manufacturers, but then again, this could be a one-off plaything of an extremely well-heeled owner.

What’s your theory? Send your thoughts to us by way of the comments thread below.