Spied! Porsche Sends Next Cayman around Nürburgring

We already know that the next-generation Porsche 911 is due later this year. What we didn’t know until recently is that an all-new Cayman will most likely follow closely behind. Believe it: judging by this spy shot nabbed by our friends at Motor Trend, Porsche has been sending the next Cayman around the world-famous Nürburgring for final testing.

This test mule was wearing some feature-concealing tape, but it’s not hard to see that the model is subtly different from the last one. Larger openings in the lower front fascia sit below what looks like a 911-esque LED running light strip to replace the old fog-light/LED combo.

Out back, quarter panels look similar but sit atop larger rubber. The rear hatch has been subtly curved from the previous model’s flat back, and the rear quarter panels have horizontal, not vertical, slats for a more Boxster-like look. It also carries a more dramatic rear diffuser surrounding the signature dual center exhausts. All of the changes come courtesy of aerodynamic tweaks that, when combined with more efficient powertrains and the expected stop-start system (which will also move to the upcoming 911) could mean up to 20% less fuel consumption.

As we’ve previously reported, the updated sheet metal may also be the beginning of a powertrain shift for the Cayman/Boxster line, which should go into effect sometime between 2015 and 2016. The models will likely receive turbo four-cylinder engines which would match, if not exceed, current power ratings. The upcoming model, however, will continue with a lightly-tweaked version of the current six-cylinder boxer engine.

Make sure to head over to Motor Trend to check out the full set of spy shots.

Source: Motor Trend