Spied! Lincoln’s MKT Livery is (Almost) Ready for the Prom

If you’re not well heeled enough to afford a ride in, say, an Audi R8 Limo, we might suggest finding a more economical, more American option; we might suggest the Lincoln MKT Livery, which will now be coming in stretch limousine form.

With the death of the late Lincoln Town Car, Ford Motor Company has promised to elevate the MKT crossover to the job: in various forms, the MKT will replace hired, or “black cars,” and can be stretched for flashier limo duty. Our spy photographer snagged a couple of shots of a parked MKT stretch limo which looked a bit unfinished–it appears to still be in powertrain and chassis testing–somewhere in Michigan.

The finished product will feature Ford’s corporate 3.7-liter V-6, which can be mated to either front- or all-wheel drive. Seeing how large this particular prototype is, we can imagine that the all-wheel-drive system’s rear driveshaft must be really, really long.

Lincoln wasn’t available for comment on when exactly the MKT in prom night-ready form will go on sale, but we can reasonably to expect these cars to litter bachelor party parking lots within the year.

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