Spied: Ferrari F70/ F150 Spotted On Public Roads

Ferrari's upcoming hybrid supercar flaunts its carbon-fiber bodywork in Europe.

The next Ferrari supercar, likely to be called the F150, is getting ever closer to its production debut. Our spy photographers caught a dressed-up Ferrari prototype roaming public roads in Europe.

A wide front air intake tall headlights make this Ferrari look like an angry largemouth bass, but the look won’t carry over to the real car. The entire car is clad in camouflage materials designed to mask the Ferrari’s real design. We expect as smoother, much more rounded look when the F150 makes its public debut. In fact, teaser images from Ferrari suggest a much more rounded front end with a central intake vent in the hood, as well as a somewhat T-shaped tail with the big round taillights visible here.

The new Ferrari will almost certainly be called the F150, even though initial reports predicted the Enzo replacement would get the name F70. It will use an advanced carbon-fiber bodyshell that should help keep overall weight below 2500 pounds, while a HY-KERS hybrid drivetrain is expected to permit a 0-to-62-mph time below three seconds and top speed above 200 mph.

The HY-KERS drivetrain uses a 7.3-liter V-12 engine good for about 800 hp, while an electric motor will add another 120 hp or so. The powertrain is mid-mounted and transfers power to the rear wheels by way of a dual-clutch transmission.The Ferrari F150 will also rely on clever aerodynamic trickery (including various active flaps) to improve its performance, but much of that is currently hidden on this tester.

The big remaining question is when the Ferrari F150 will emerge from hiding. We were supposed to see the car at last year’s Paris Motor Show, but Ferrari couldn’t finish the car in time. Ferrari North America president Marco Mattiacci recently told us that, “We have not decided when or where to present the supercar,” but we expect to see it at a major auto show later this year.