Spied: Bugatti Testing Veyron Prototype without Camouflage

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is no faster than a stock Veyron 16.4, but it has a targa top; the Veyron Super Sport has a fixed roof and receives serious performance upgrades from the stock model. But what happens when you combine both variants? You get this spy shot, courtesy of our friends at Motor Trend.

The spy shot shows what is quite clearly a Bugatti Veyron without badging and without camouflage, with its massive wing raised. Look closely, however, that the prototype carries two Grand Sport-like air ducts, and there appears to be a gap between the windshield and roof panel. It would suggest that the Grand Sport, with its removable hardtop, could soon be available with the Super Sport’s power numbers: in the fixed roof SS, the 16.4-liter W-16 engine is good enough for 1200 hp and 1106 lb-ft.

The spied model is only subtly different from the production convertible, with some slight aerodynamic tweaks to the front fascia and dual, instead of single, exhaust out back. Those dual exhausts look almost identical to those from the late Super Sport, so it looks like the pumped-up convertible could get the SS’ bevy of changes to steering, suspension, and auxiliary sustems, although that is unclear. But with competitors like SSC making it clear that they’re gunning for the Bugatti’s most-powerful crown, it’s fairly obvious that the French marque can’t rest on its (chrome-plated) laurels.

Source: Motor Trend