SPIED! 2009 Ferrari California In California!

The official photos have been released, but I ran across Ferrari’s new 2+2 Grand Tourer convertible.

Thank God for cellphone cameras – what did we do without them? If I didn’t take pictures, you wouldn’t have believed me. Well, here’s the proof.

I was out for an innocent drive in my Scirocco when I ran across a new Ferrari waiting to be loaded into a Horseless Carriage transporter truck. From behind, it almost looked like a 599, but the big, wide black panel and Lexus IS-F lookalike tailpipes gave it away.

By the time I had made it around the front of the car, there was no doubt; this was the new California. Being photographed in – where else? – California.

I’ll leave it to all of you to decide what you think of its looks. I’m not in love with it, but I hardly think Ferrari fans will care what I think. Alright, the tailpipes are awful. And that back end black-panel-meets-weird-enormous-backup-lights is kinda strange. But the California has the prettiest gauges I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s just too bad my cellphone camera couldn’t get a decent shot of them. Damn those cellphone cameras, I say!