Speculation: Audi May Produce A3 Sedan for U.S. Market

A four-door Audi A3 might eventually join the hatchback model in the U.S., according to the German outlet Financial Times.

While such a four-door hasn’t been given the final OK to move forward, it could be just what the U.S. A3 lineup needs to sell in larger numbers.

Through the first seven months of the year, the A4, A5, and A6 (plus the Q5 and Q7) all sold more than the less expensive A3. The option of diesel has begun to account for a good portion of A3 sales in the U.S., but an A3 with a trunk lid — no matter the powertrain — could yield big rewards.

A 2011 A3 five-door starts at $28,145; a four-door version would probably slot just below that. If the A1 is too small for American tastes, do you think an A3 sedan would be a good move for Audi?

Source: Financial Times


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