Sorry, We Had To: BMW Shows 6 Series Mule, Advises Against Blogging

A line of text running along the latest teaser photos “leaked” from BMW reads “” The vehicle pictured, however, and the accompanying video on the website, suggest that BMW may be advancing on its hint at a second EfficientDynamics concept car as a follow-up to last year’s stunner.

The matte-black mule shown in the photos appears to be based on the current-generation 6 Series, modified to include a new front end and aero equipment. Although the photos are dark, a quick click of the “lighten” tool reveals that the front end is remarkably similar to BMW’s 2009 EfficientDynamics concept.

A BMW spokesman hinted that “enthusiasts with a sharp eye will be able to pick up on [elements of EfficientDynamics] on the car.” We notice an aero-inspired wheel treatment, skinnier tires, a single exhaust pipe, and of course, the revised front end. Last November, we presented a design analysis of the EfficientDynamics concept that highlights its striking design as well as the particular elements that aid its aerodynamic profile.

And according to European editor Georg Kacher, a production version of the EfficientDynamics concept coupe may be closer than original projections. As part of BMW’s proposed “Project i” lineup, the 6 Series-size coupe, potentially called i100, would be the halo model for a range of fuel-efficient cars. The concept develops nearly 300 horsepower in a combined effort from a three-cylinder gas engine and electric motors, with the potential of zero-emissions driving rumored at to 30 miles. BMW may also be toying with the idea of an M version of the halo car (M100?), which would compete directly with alternative-fuel supercars like the electric Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell.

The website’s imprint indicates that it’s run by Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft — a hint that the boys in Munich are indeed behind the project.

Is the vehicle pictured an indication of what to expect from BMW at upcoming auto shows? Or is this not-so-viral teaser image just that?

Source: Dontblogaboutthis

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