Snow tire season is here

Here in the mid-Atlantic states, Thanksgiving weekend means one thing: No, not turkey, or football, or shopping. It’s time to put on the snow tires.

This is where the Californians and the Sun Belters get all smug. Well, for those of us who live where there are four seasons, this weekend is pretty much our last chance. So Saturday I was out in the driveway, doing my thing. And it went okay, but I just want to know: When did car markers switch from wheel studs with lug nuts, to lug bolts that have to be screwed into threaded holes in the hub? Who thought that was better? This way, you have to exactly line up the 20-lb wheel while threading the bolt into the hole. Not easy. Before, you just hoisted the wheel onto the studs, and screwed on the nuts. Much easier. I know that nothing on cars is easy for the do-it-yourselfer anymore, but this seems like a truly needless annoyance. Nonetheless, I got all four done. And Sunday morning, we had our first snow.