Snow Day: Audi RS3 Drifting

Remember how you longed for snow days as a kid. Hoping school was cancelled so you could go outside and enjoy it. Well Audi wants to give you that same thrill as an adult, but your snow day will be spent in school, but still playing outside.

This video was shot in Canada at Audi’s Driving Experience which lets owners and potential customers get experience driving cars near their limits on closed roads and with professional instruction. This demonstration is shows what’s possible for students who have do all their homework plus a little extra-credit.

The RS3 shares its drivetrain with the TT-RS. The inline-five-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine produces 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. Mounted transversely, power is directed through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and uses a Haldex all-wheel drive system. While Haldex is a front-wheel-drive biased system, this video may convince you that plenty of drifting fun is still possible.

In Germany, the RS3 is priced a few thousand Euros under the S4, which in the U.S. starts at $47,100. A loaded A3 in the U.S., will set you back roughly $37,000. If we had to guess, and this is our guess, we suspect it will come in somewhere right around $40,000 give or take a couple grand. Anyway, this is about drifting through Christmas trees, enjoy the video. Especially the all-wheel drive sno-nuts around three minutes in.

Click here for video


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