Sneak Peek at Mercedes Benz SLR Z199 Speedster

We’re saddened to think that, within a year’s time, Mercedes-Benz’s SLR McLaren will reach the end of its production run.; We are, however, elated to hear that Mercedes plans on celebrating the finale with this, a limited-production SLR speedster code-named ‘Z199.’; These photos, sent to us from Mercedes-Benz itself, are our first look at the SLR’s last hurrah.

In spite of the wild camouflage, it’s hard to mistake the car for anything other than an SLR.; We do, however, notice a considerable amount of styling tweaks.; For certain, there is the roadster element, with hooped rollbars and a rear decklid treatment evocative of the F400 Carving concept of 2002.

The Z199 reportedly pays homage to the original SLR roadsters raced by Juan Manguel Fangio and Sir Stirling Moss in the 1950s, and from what we see – given the car’s lack of a proper windshield, top, or side windows – that may well be the case.; Mechanically, we expect the Z199 to make use of the high-horsepower (650 hp) variant of the supercharged 5.4-liter V-8, found in the special-edition SLR 722.

Rumor has it that only 75 examples of the Z199 will roll off the factory lines in Woking, England.; That said, don’t rush to your local Benz dealer to place a deposit; Mercedes tells us that, like the SLR 722, this one’s not destined for North America.