Snap Judgment: Would You Sign Up for the Nissan Leaf?

Earlier today, amid growing demand for electric vehicles, we learned that Nissan has plans to extend its $99 pre-reservation program for the upcoming Leaf hatchback. With current interest set at just over 16,000 potential buyers, will Nissan be able to keep up the momentum?

Nissan initially reported that the first year’s run of some 13,000 Leaf electric vehicles were sold out as of the end of May. Now, Nissan plans to keep the reservation program open in the U.S. until it reaches 25,000 pre-orders.

The news comes at a fortuitous time for fans of electric cars. This past week, legislation passed in the Senate for $3.6 billion in funding for electric vehicle deployment, giving way to a homegrown push for electric vehicles. BMW announced plans for a reveal of its Megacity electric vehicle, and Volkswagen has now figured electric vehicles into its grand scheme.

Today’s Snap Judgment:
For $99, is it worth it to reserve a spot for the Nissan Leaf?

Let us know what you think over the weekend in the comments section. Do you know someone who’s already put his name down? Have you done it yourself?


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