Snap Judgment: Which Muscle Car Is the True King?

Today’s barrage of monthly sales information from the Big Three and other manufacturers was a storm of facts, figures, and charts. For the number crunchers, it’s a field day. For enthusiasts, it’s probably just a jumble of numbers.

But for muscle car enthusiasts, engaged in a rivalry as old as red paint itself, today’s sales numbers had some meaning. For the first time since May 2009, the Ford Mustang outsold the Chevrolet Camaro.

We suspect shudders from Camarophiles and yee-haws! from the Mustang diehards, but the numbers speak for themselves. The Dodge Challenger played second (or third) banana in this month’s rivalry, yet sales represented a significant triple-digit percent increase over June 2009.

Here are the stats for June 2010:

  • Mustang: 8974 (up 17.6 percent from last year)
  • Camaro: 7540 (up 19.1 percent)
  • Challenger: 3086 (up 125 percent)

For Mustang fans, are last month’s sales numbers an encouraging sign for the original pony car? Will the Camaro rebuke the sobering figures and retake its position at the top? Or will the Challenger rise to the top to dethrone the off-and-on kings?

Today’s Snap Judgment:

Which muscle car is the true king?

Let us know what you think in the comments section.


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