Snap Judgment: To Cruise in a Future Classic or Collectible Classic?

Today’s Snap Judgment likely resonates with many automotive enthusiasts — old or new. The annual Woodward Dream Cruise is this weekend, and in honor of the huge car gathering, we’re asking you automotive enthusiasts if you would rather go cruising in a future classic — à la the new Mustang, Challenger, or Camaro — or one of its less civilized predecessors?

Both old and new cars undoubtedly have their merits, but when it comes down to it, you can only drive one car at a time (if you’ve figured out how to drive two at once, please contact us). Older cars, especially muscle cars, tend to be raw uncivilized beasts, many with heavy and incredibly finicky clutches, that are a serious workout in Woodward traffic. The constant sitting can also be a chore on the engine, causing some to overheat either the engine or the vehicle’s occupants.

Driving an older car is, however, a great treat for some of the same reasons. It brings you back to the old glory days of cars, when gas was cheap and emissions regulations were non-existent. Driving an older car on Woodward also just feels more special as people look at you as you pass rather than you simply admiring the surrounding cars.

Modern classic cars are something of a relief to drive on Woodward. Air conditioning, though perhaps not as cold as older cars’ Freon systems, is more efficient at keeping occupants from roasting alive. The modern car’s engine also won’t overheat when sitting still, causing you to (embarrassingly) stop in the middle of traffic, pop the hood and wait for it to cool unlike some of the cars of yesteryear, or cause problems with a finicky clutch.

Today’s Snap Judgment:

Would you rather cruise with a modern classic car, with all of its creature comforts, or would you go for the eye-catching and uncivilized old-school car?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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