Snap Judgment: Should GM Pursue A Mid-Engine Corvette?

Some things simply never change. For the past thirty years, the Chevrolet Corvette has been America’s sports car sweetheart, and for the past thirty years, speculation of a mid-engine Corvette has run rampant.

Although rumors of a ‘Vette with a V-8 mounted amidships have circulated for a whopping three decades, the flames were stoked yet again this week, thanks in part to Autocar. According to the British magazine, an anonymous Saab insider claimed the company was developing a dual-clutch gearbox for mid-engine applications, notably a Corvette.

That particular project was ultimately canned, but we’ve herd the engineers are hitting the ground running for the next Corvette with all sorts of ideas for the new C7 (or, potentially, the C8).

Today’s Snap Judgment:

Should GM Still Consider a Mid-Engine Corvette?

What say you? Should the next iteration of GM’s fiberglass wonder pack its powertrain behind the passenger compartment, or should Corvettes continue to place the engine up front and the driven axle in back? Send us your design notes via the comments section below.