Snap Judgment: Is There a Future for Mini-Minivans in the U.S.?

Today, with weeks to go before the opening of the Paris Motor Show, Chevrolet unveiled the production version of its Orlando concept. Regardless of what we think about the translation from concept to reality, it represents a shift in a new direction for Chevrolet: a smaller-than-minivan minivan. Will it work in the United States?

We recently pondered the future of the segment when Kia announced that the future of the Rondo may be in question in the U.S. after the current model run. However, General Motors seems steadfast in believing in the strength of the segment.

GMC’s Granite concept, which may make it to production, would be a second entry into the segment. When we posed the question, “Should GMC produce the Granite?” your response was overwhelmingly positive, so long as it doesn’t cannibalize existing GM sales.

Although the segment is strong in Europe, which also has models like the recently revised Ford C- and S-Max, it’s not quite as strong in the States. Mazda will introduce a revised Mazda5 van in the near future, but few players currently exist in the U.S. Will the segment grow, or is the Orlando not the right fit for our markets?

Today’s Snap Judgment:

Is there a future for mini-minivans in the U.S.?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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