Snap Judgment: Is Gran Turismo 5 Finally Arriving in November?

There’s only one thing that would make us happier than yesterday’s announcement that Gran Turismo 5 will be on shelves on November 2? Actually seeing it happen.

In the process of slowly unveiling the fifth iteration of its now-classic racing game, Sony has repeatedly teased on-sale dates. First there was GT5 Prologue way back in 2007, then the rumor of a March 2010 on-sale date in Japan, followed by the most recent speculation that it would be available sometime before the end of 2010.

For any impatient, go-fast, Playstation-clutching fan of all things Gran Turismo, this was verging on torture.

At yesterday’s E3 gaming conference, an announcement was finally made that the game will be on sale the first Tuesday of November. But do you believe it? Will the game that promises to offer all the usual cars and tracks of Gran Turismo — Citroen 2CV / Nissan 370Z matchup, anyone? — plus the option to race on Nascar, WRC, and F1 tracks, possibly in 3D, actually hit the shelves this time?

Today’s Snap Judgment: Is it all hype, or will GT5 actually go on sale as promised?

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