Snap Judgment: Hybrid or Diesel?

Recently, we learned that Honda has dropped plans to advance clean diesel technology, and will instead focus its efforts on producing hybrids and increasing fuel efficiency.

Honda’s announcement comes at a time when many manufacturers are flip-flopping on their decisions to offer alternatives to traditional, gas-powered vehicles. In the short term, this might mean an end to colorful TV ads. In the long term, though, will it hurt Honda’s ability to compete?

We’ve seen automakers change their mind before. Diesel pioneers Volkswagen and Audi wavered on the adoption of hybrid technology, but recently introduced hybrid SUVs and luxury cars, and electric supercars. We were rooting for Honda to introduce the European Accord diesel in the Acura TSX, but the latest news might mean that’s not likely. And Suzuki has even put plans for a Kizashi hybrid or V-6 on hold.

Today’s Snap Judgment:
Is it a good idea for Honda to abandon diesel technology and focus on hybrids?

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Source: Reuters