Snap Judgment: Do You Like Mazda’s New Design Theme?

Well, that didn’t take long. After revealing that its Nagare design theme’s time was up, Mazda took no time in readying its next venture. Today, we learned about Mazda’s new design theme, Kodo, which was previewed to journalists on the Shinari concept sedan.

Kodo, which is Japanese for “soul of motion,” is a relaxing, eye-soothing change of pace from Nagare’s “thrusting motion.” The concept car pictured here apes the design of long-hooded luxury sedans, such as the Aston Martin Rapide and the stillborn Fisker Karma.

But is this theme right for Mazda, which currently produces the stylish-yet-inoffensive Mazda6 sedan? Or, at a time when Mazda’s other big news surrounds powertrain development, will this be a one-two wallop at its competition?

Today’s Snap Judgment:
Do you like Mazda’s new design theme?

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