Snap Judgment: Base-Spec Hyundai Equus or Fully Loaded Genesis 4.6?

Yesterday, we brought you our first impression of the upcoming Hyundai Equus sedan. Hyundai advertises the Equus as a competitor to such luxury cars as the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. After comparing the Equus’ pages-long sheet of standard luxury equipment with that of its Genesis 4.6 sibling, we think Hyundai might also be facing competition from within.

Today’s Snap Judgment:
Would you buy a base-spec Equus or a fully loaded Genesis 4.6?

The case for the Equus
Our best guesses place the Equus’ starting price at $55,000. For that money, you get Hyundai’s Tau V-8 engine — displacing 4.6 liters and producing 385 horsepower and 333 horsepower — and a raft of luxury features as standard equipment. Roughly the size of a Lexus LS 460, Hyundai’s new flagship offers limousine-like space for the cost of a midsize luxury sedan. “Base” spec, if you can define it as such, is known as Equus Signature.

The case for the Genesis 4.6
Hyundai offers a choice of two engines for the Genesis, but the one we’d pick (and have lived with) is the same 4.6-liter V-8 in the Equus. The only major option on the well-equipped Genesis 4.6 is the $3500 technology package that adds an infotainment system, an upgraded audio system, and several electronic goodies — all standard features on the Equus.

The dilemma?
With all option boxes ticked, the Genesis 4.6 rings in at $43,985, a cool $10,000 less than the $55,000 projected price of the Equus. For that money, you could have a Genesis and an Accent hatchback, but less of the luxury cachet and coddling provided by the Equus.

Which car wins your nod? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.