Smart-Brabus Roadster V6 Photo Gallery

The Smart-Brabus V6 visually similar to the normal Smart Roadster-Coupe, with a few sporty body add-ons.

As in the regular Smart roadster, the transmission can be used as an automatic or shifted manually via paddles or the center lever.

The Smart interior (no pun intended) is spartan. Take note of the engine start button and two simple climate control levers.

The 80-horsepower, 698-cc three cylinder normally found in back of the Smart has been replaced by a 1.4-liter V6 producing 168 horsepower. At 1852 pounds, this gives the Smart -Brabus a power to weight ratio close to that of a Porsche Carrera 4s.

Storage space in the front trunk has been replaced by the fuel tank, a move necessitated by the larger engine. Pack light.

Only two dials, a speedometer and a tachometer. The units are in kilometers per hour — the Smart-Brabus can’t hit close to 240 mph but it’s still plenty fast. 0-60 comes in under 6 seconds.

The twelve-spoke aluminum wheels are shot with 205/40R-17 and 225/25R-17 Michelin Pilot Sports.

The Smart-Brabus Roadster will be at the 2003 Frankfurt auto show and come stateside in 2004 for the Detroit show. Final production plans are not yet set, but the Roadster could be part of the model lineup when Smart start selling cars here.