Smart Argentina Uses Twitter for Animated Fortwo Ad

We sometimes forget that Twitter is more than just about snide celebrity comments, the location of your favorite food truck, or yet another distraction for teens and twentysomethings behind the wheel. Smart Argentina used the short messaging service to do an innovative animated campaign for its Fortwo microcar in the South American market.

Scrolling down on the brand’s Twitter page gives an idea of the concept, but doesn’t fully convey the intended effect, so there’s also a YouTube video combining the total of 455 individual tweets to show an animation of the Fortwo driving through Argentinian city streets, and ending with the tagline, roughly translated from Spanish, “It fits in any space. Why not in 140 characters? Smart Fortwo…a big idea for the city.”

You can visit Smart Argentina’s Twitter page here, and watch the YouTube animation below.

Source: Smart, YouTube

Click here for video

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