Sketches of Porsche Panamera Convertible Surface at U.S. Patent Office

We first started to hear rumors that Porsche was contemplating a convertible version of its Panamera back in October, but patent drawings that recently surfaced online indicate such a beast is indeed under consideration.

At the time, we thought Porsche was thinking of a two-door version of the Panamera, but these drawings and CAD renderings actually show what appears to be a four-door Panamera drop-top. Although some automakers have toyed with such an idea in modern concepts, the extra bracing required to stiffen the body to compensate for a non-existent B-pillar makes producing such a vehicle difficult.

Autocar says engineers were forced to substantially stiffen the floorpan and bulkheads, along with the A-pillars. Little else is known about the car, but judging by the shape of the car’s rear deck, it appears ripe for a cloth top, which would allow for a (somewhat) usable rear trunk.

At this point, these drawings suggest Porsche’s working on this car, but like other dreams — patented or otherwise — there’s a chance it may not make it to fruition.


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