Shelby Brands a GT40 For 85th Birthday

The word “replicar” and “Carroll Shelby” seem to go together as well as a Cobra and a wet hairpin curve, but the legendary snake charmer has agreed to lend his name to a host of commemorative Ford GT40 reproductions in honor of his 85th birthday.

Based on the replica built by Superformance, the Shelby cars are trimmed to simulate the triad of GT40s that finished 1-2-3 at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. All cars are built as Mk. IIs (although Superformance does offer a Mk. I replica) and are decorated in your choice blue with white stripes, black with silver stripes, or red with white stripes.

Although much of the car is standard Superformance fair, Shelby’s touches are limited mostly to branding: Door handles and headlamp covers sport the man’s name, as do dash badges, floor mats, and other special details.

Likewise, we’re told powertrain is limited to “Shelby-branded” crate motors – no details on which have been provided, but we do know the top-end mill is a massive 427-cubic inch V-8, like the original Mk. II cars themselves.

Sure, there are many ways to go about purchasing an homage to the GT40. That said, if you’re looking for a truly authentic recreation – and you want to wish ol’Shel a happy birthday in the process – this may be your ride.

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