Shadows of Night: Techart Reveals Porsche Panamera Black Edition

Techart’s already toyed with tuning Porsche’s Panamera sedan (remember the Panamera Concept One?), but its latest offering — the Panamera Black Edition — lends the four-door Porsche a sinister look.

Unlike the Concept One, which incorporated a number of mechanical enhancements, the Black Edition is largely a dress-up kit for the Panamera Turbo. In fact, the only performance upgrade is a revised intake and exhaust system, although it seems the turbocharged 4.8-liter V-8 is still rated at 500 horsepower.

As its name suggests, nearly every inch of the Panamera Black Edition’s exterior is coated in black paint. The body is coated in a matte black finish, while the firm went so far as to paint the six-piston brake calipers and the giant 22-inch monoblock aluminum wheels in a matching hue. Techart also incorporated its “Aerodynamic Kit 1” into the package, revising the front air dam, side skirts, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler.

The black motif continues within. All seating surfaces are trimmed in black leather, accented with Flamenco Red stitching and piping. A similar color scheme is used on the custom D-shaped steering wheel, door panel trim, dash pad, and floor mats. The matte black paint reappears on virtually every piece of interior trim, including the cupholders.

Techart says the Panamera Black Edition retails for $297,748, a healthy sum above the $133,550 sticker price on a standard Panamera Turbo. Although Bruce Wayne or Darth Vader may appreciate the look, we wish that money would buy at least some additional performance — heck, even the Concept One pumped out 650 ponies…

Source: Techart