Seoul-ful Design: GM Opens Advanced Design Studio in Korea

Milan. Paris. Gangnam. Gangnam? You may never have heard of the small suburb of Seoul, Korea, but the affluent neighborhood is reportedly the country’s epicenter of arts, fashion, and design. Perhaps that’s why that General Motors opened its latest advanced design studio in the chic city.

“Our car designers get inspiration from life,” said Ed Wellburn, GM’s vice president of global design, “and Gangnam is a place where people worship design, style, and fashion. Our Korean designers will sample perfection every day surrounded by some of the top brands and fashion houses in the world, and this ideal location will nurture their creative souls.”
Those creative souls — roughly 30 in total — will largely be responsible for exterior and interior styling of new global mini and small cars. That assignment mirrors the responsibilities of GM’s Daewoo subsidiary, which has played a large part in bringing some of GM’s latest small cars — including the new 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, Spark, and the next-generation Aveo — to life.
Interestingly, the studio will be discrete from GM Daewoo’s own styling studio, which is being moved from Seoul to Daewoo’s headquarters in Bupyeong.
Source: GM