SEMA 2010: Eight Scion Cars to Descend on Sin City

Scion, well familiar with chasing after the youth and tuning cultures, is turning up to the biggest show in the aftermarket industry with eight uniquely customized cars, including a limousine.

0-60 Magazine / Sparco Rally xD

This xD is obviously intended to model after the Castrol-liveried Toyota Celica GT-Four rally cars of old, except without the massive amounts of power and anti-lag system. The powertrain is mostly stock but the xD gets a limited-slip differential and a full Tein suspension upgrade. To help cement its rally car looks, the car also gets a rollcage, Lexan windows, aggressive spoilers, a roof-mounted vent, and the requisite rally lights.

tC by GReddy

GReddy is one of the most well-known aftermarket brands and their tC comes turbocharged. The prototype turbo kit uses a GReddy T67 snail, which is supported by a front-mount intercooler, full exhaust, and the e-Manage engine control system. Other modifications include coil-over suspension, a Five-Axis body kit, bigger brakes from Toyota Racing Development, and 18-inch Volk Racing wheels.

tC by Crawford

Ready for Time Attack? This tC, with driver Michele Abbate, is and it’s prepped for battle by Crawford Performance with Tein Super Racing suspension, a TRD big brake kit, 18-inch Advan RG-D wheels, and an ATI carbon-fiber hood. Changes beneath the hood are modest: A K&N air filter replacement, Motul fluids, and NGK spark plugs.

Battle of the Builds xB by The Salty Dogs

With the faux rivets, portholes, crashing waves, and squid tentacles wrapped along this xB’s side, we believe the theme here is submarine. It’ll stay on land though, and the xB is equipped with Tein coil-overs, 19-inch TSW Caldwell wheels, carbon-fiber body pieces, custom interior, and a full sound and video system with LED lighting. The highlight is, of course, the crazy paint scheme.

Tuner Challenge tC by James Lin

Never doubt the popularity of a small, two-door import car and this tC is another prime example of what the aftermarket can achieve. It’s modeled after the Super GT race cars of Japan and the bronze/dark gold color draws comparison to the Top Secret Toyota Supra. Performance-wise, a turbocharger kit gives this tC an extra kick in the pants while the body is treated to a generous helping of carbon fiber. The interior is decked out in Sparco parts and Sony was tapped for a full entertainment system.

Tuner Challenge tC by John Pangilinan

If you guessed this tC was turbocharged, you would be correct. Descendant supplied the forced induction while a NOS nitrous oxide system offers a boost of go-fast juice. The supporting electronics are all AEM. Jon Sibal sculpted the carbon-fiber widebody kit while KW coil-overs and 18-inch Rays wheels adorn the lower sections. The big brake kit is sourced from Brembo.

Tuner Challenge tC by Shawn Baker

Finally, we have this clean tC, also equipped with a turbo. The 19-inch SJC wheels offer contrast to the dark gray paint and an AirLift electronic air suspension give ride adjustability to the driver. Wilwood brakes, a four-point rollcage, leather interior, and an Infinity sound system with Pioneer deck and JBL digital processor round out this package.

Source: Scion


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