Scion Targeting High Schools with Marketing Competition

Scion is a car brand that markets mostly to youth. So at a time when car sales are hitting record lows, the marketing department is going straight to the source for new ideas.

The youth in question will be high school students from eight schools from each of the three regions surrounding Toyota’s three regional offices (Kansas City, Cincinnati and Portland). The students will work with their marketing class to create case studies and marketing proposals. Marketing executives from Scion will judge submissions from the 24 schools and pick three finalists from each group.

In the finals, the students from the top three schools in each region will make presentations in-person. The presentations will be judged and fist, second, and third place finishers will be chosen. Top prize for the competition is $5000 for the school to purchase school supplies. The second and third place finishers receive $1250 and $750 respectively.

The competition sounds like a win-win. The students receive some real-world marketing experience as well as the opportunity to win resources for their school. The Marketing folks at Scion get some fresh ideas from the freshest generation of new car buyers.