Scion sampler CD

In years past, happier times for the auto industry were reflected in the freebies that flowed like wine during the Detroit auto show press days. Freeloading journalists who were especially determined—that is, the vast majority of the 4000 or so in attendance—could stuff their (free) tote bags with giveaways ranging from toy cars to folding chairs, and then stuff their faces with free food and drink gleaned on the show floor or at the Chrysler-sponsored firehouse-cum-free-restaurant across the street.

This year, the firehouse was closed and the river of freebies slowed to a trickle. The only thing I picked up was a music sampler CD from Scion, an item the brand has given away since it launched. I’ve grabbed the Scion CD in past years, and every year I find that it’s worth exactly what I paid for it. Not this time. The entire double CD is from a single record label, Brooklyn’s Daptone records, which is described on the jacket as “a completely independent, musician-run label specializing in sincere Soul Music”. Sincere or not, it’s good stuff. This is Scion’s 19th sampler CD. The brand had been releasing four each year (it’s already up to #23), but is now speeding up the pace to every other month. The CDs aren’t sold, but are given away at auto shows, at Scion-sponsored events, and sometimes at dealerships. To check out #19, or any of the other Scion CDs, go to