Saleen Super Shaker for Ford Mustang

It’s real, and it’s fabulous.; Unlike many other hood scoops available for 2005-2008 Ford Mustangs, Saleen’s Super Shaker is functional – and in more ways than one.

Yes, like the shaker hoods of days gone, the scoop does shimmy from the vibrations of the motor.; Although that’s a neat piece of nostalgia, we’re more impressed with the fact that it acts as a direct cold-air intake for Saleen’s twin-screw supercharger.

When fitted to a stock 4.6-liter V-8 of a Mustang GT, the Super Shaker reportedly boosts power to anywhere between 500 and 700 hp.; Kits designed for the Mustang GT start at $6949 and include the supercharger, while those designed to retrofit Saleen-tuned ‘Stangs run around $1600.

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