Saleen Automotive Developing an Electric Car

Saleen has started developing an electric vehicle, though it's tight-lipped about any more details.

Saleen Automotive — yes, that Saleen, is currently working on development of an electric vehicle. Stop the presses, hold the phone, because this is actually happening, and soon.

Makers of the famously insane Saleen S7 supercar, Saleen Automotive is also known for manufacturing powerfully-tuned modern muscle cars (like the one pictured above). With a current lineup of tire-scorching fury that includes the 570 Challenger, 302 Mustang, and 620 Camaro, churlish attitude and fossil-fuel-gulping horsepower is the usual name of the game here — not low-emissions and friendly environmentalism.

Company CEO Steve Saleen has high hopes for the forthcoming electric vehicle, hinting that Saleen’s signature wrath won’t be lost on the new project. “We intend to enter this market with an offering that is truly innovative and offers the styling and craftsmanship associated with the Saleen Automotive brand,” said Saleen in a statement.

“I can tell you it is unlike anything currently in the marketplace,” continued Saleen. “Throw out your pre-conceived notions and expectations. This vehicle will be revolutionary in its aesthetics and mechanics. Stay tuned.”

The recent electric car boom of course focused on efficiency, starting with tame hybrid vehicles like the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius, as well as full electrics like the Nissan Leaf. However, technological innovations in the last few years have seen hybrid and electric drivetrains at work in some of the most exciting sports cars on the market, such as the Tesla Roadster, BMW i8, and Porsche 918 Spyder. One of the big advantages of an electric drivetrain is the availability of immediate torque, which can do a lot for acceleration in the lower gears.

Saleen says it will release more information on the upcoming electric vehicle in early 2014, which will include detailing of scale models. Expect Saleen to be tight-lipped until then, but we will be sure to keep our ears open for any rumors about this unexpected project.