Rumors Video Roundup: 2014 Audi RS7, Porsche 911 Best Driver’s Car, Toyota Tacoma Wins

In this week’s Rumors Video Roundup, Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago goes to Germany to drive the awesome new 560-horse Audi RS7, and the Porsche 911 C4S wins the Best Driver’s Car award.

Also, the 2014 Kia Soul gets a major makeover, along with its well-known spokesrodents, and the Toyota Tacoma takes on all its potential foes. Watch them all below.

Feature Flicks: 2013 Toyota Tacoma Faces Reaper, Mime, Girlfriend, Magician

Truck commercials typically employ a predictable script and storyboard. A chiseled, ruggedly handsome male with a perfectly-scruffy five-o-clock shadow, a truck plowing through a vigorously-flowing, but safely shallow stream, and some hay bales, rocks or other assorted rustic, tough payload goods being dumped into the bed. Toyota departs from convention somewhat with its latest Tacoma web ad spots, a four-part series called “Tacoma vs” Putting the Toyota Tacoma against some unlikely rivals.

Feature Flick: 2014 Kia Soul, Hamsters Transformed

The Kia Soul hamsters became the unlikely anthropomorphic stars of the compact hatch world, with fans around the world, and even their own line of clothing. But with an all-new Soul coming, some wondered if the oversized rodents would be pushed aside in favor of a more polished marketing strategy. But Kia has learned not to mess with a good thing, and with the Soul out-selling its rivals, the Scion xB and Nissan Cube by an overwhelming margin, it figured it should keep the original pitchmen, but that a makeover for the hamster crew was in order to showcase the 2014 Soul’s newfound sophistication and style.

Feature Flick: 2013 Porsche 911 C4S Wins Motor Trend Best Driver’s Car

Our colleagues at Motor Trend spent the week driving some of the world’s most thrilling sports cars to pick this year’s winner of the annual Best Driver’s Car comparison. The week encompasses time spent both on and off the rack track, but rather than simply comparing the cars based on their horsepower, grip, and acceleration times, the MT editors strive to find the car that best responds to its driver.

Video: 2014 Audi RS 7 Attacks the Autobahn

How fast can the 2014 Audi RS 7 attack Germany’s autobahn? Carlos Lago from Motor Trend heads to Germany to find out. While there, Lago also checks out the factory that builds the high-performance four-door hatchback. At Quattro GmBH, Lago checks out the RS 7′s drivetrain, and sees the engine run on an engine dynamometer.

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