Rumored: Next-Gen Toyota Yaris to Move Up In Size?

Although the Toyota Yaris isn’t exactly a barn burner in terms of sales or performance, the sedan/hatchback duo are nonetheless solid performers for Toyota. With this generation of Yaris becoming increasingly long in the tooth, Toyota is readying its replacement, which may grow beyond the subcompact class, if spy photos are any indication.

The spy photographers at Motor Trend have captured what they believe is a test mule for the next Yaris. From the photograph, we can infer that the subcompact Yaris is set to become longer and wider than the current model. Although the Euro-market Yaris received several exterior and interior enhancements for 2010, the U.S. model has continued on with few updates.

Head over to Motor Trend for more photos of the Yaris. What do you think — is bigger the right direction for the smallest Toyota?

Source: Motor Trend