Rumor: McLaren MP4-12C Could Include Four-Seat Variant

Rumor has it the McLaren MP4-12C may include a 2+2 setup and allow drivers to take the whole family along for the ride.

With seating for four, the MP4-12C would furnish exactly one more seat than the McLaren F1’s famous three-seat setup. Given the interior’s appearance, however, the two rear seats could be more for show than for actual, decently comfortable sitting, much like the Lotus Evora. Including light modification, the additional seats would also bump the carbon-fiber-happy MP4-12C’s curb weight, which is reportedly under 3100 pounds.

The MP4-12C, due out in spring 2011, is the spiritual successor to the F1 and a true technological and engineering marvel. The active suspension is electronically controlled and the uniquely operated paddle shifters are unlike those on any other car.

Source: Auto Bild