Roush Unveils the 2010 Liquid Propane Injected F-250

The 2007 Roush propane F-150 has brought interest from many people and has sold several hundred vehicles and conversion kits so far. From the interested parties, Roush heard wants of a medium duty pickup that would run on propane. For 2010, Roush has delivered with the 2010 Roush propane F-250.

Roush claims interest in the medium duty truck stems from people looking for a medium duty truck that offers lower operating costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. By operating on propane, the truck reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 20 percent and carbon monoxide emissions up to 60 percent. Owners can expect operating costs between five percent and 30 percent less than a conventional F-250. One factor for the lower operating costs is the fuel. Propane usually costs significantly less than gasoline or diesel and can qualify for a 50-cent per gallon tax credit.

The truck comes with the standard 5.4 liter V-8 modified to run on propane. Converting the truck to run on propane yields no losses in power or torque. This allows the propane F-250 to tow as much as a gasoline powered F-250. To convert the truck to run on propane, only a few changes need to be made. These changes include: a new fuel tank with multi-valve fuel pump, stainless steel fuel lines, billet aluminum fuel rails, an upgraded custom Roush PCM calibration, and all necessary wiring, hardware, and instructions.

The 2010 Roush Propane F-250 can be ordered in two forms, as a complete OEM Roush vehicle or as a conversion kit to fit to existing trucks. Both come with the standard Roush 3-year/36,000 mile warranty. The conversion kit will also fit any 2009 Ford F-250 that may already be in service. The conversion kit retails for $7995 (the complete vehicle will have a similar premium over conventional F-250s) and qualifies for a $5000 tax credit in addition to various state, regional, and local tax credits that may be available. Order banks for the vehicle and conversion kit open on January 26.