Rolls-Royce Outfits 2013 Ghost to Commemorate One Thousand and One Nights

Rolls-Royce is world famous for making exquisite, quick, luxurious cars with loads of intricate, bespoke, ornate touches. It’s also famous for allowing buyers to choose nearly any color or trim imaginable to put on their new vehicles. One such example of this personalization: the One Thousand and One Nights Bespoke Ghost Collection.

Yes, you read that correctly: Rolls-Royce is taking a handful of Ghosts and giving them the full-on Arabian Nights treatment.

Well, when we say “full-on,” we should note that the 1001 Nights Ghost doesn’t look remarkably different from the stock Ghost sedan. Instead, Rolls-Royce let its Bespoke department run amok with the car, adding small visual details along with a rather…uh, unique paint scheme in the process. The lower body panels are painted in a deep matte brown, and the sloping hood and pillars (everything above the character line and on the front end’s protruding grille surround) are painted a matte caramel. The scheme is striking if nothing else, even though reminds us more of Rolo candies than than West/South Asian folklore. Perhaps we’re not cultured enough to appreciate the symbolism.

In any event, the paint serves as a backdrop for some light gray pinstriping with a number of small appliqués, including an Arabic inscription that spells out “One Thousand and One Nights.” The inside trim takes a much cooler approach than the caramel exterior, as it’s swathed in light gray leather and piano black trim. The rear seats, as usual, have DVD screens in the front seatbacks…all the better to watch Disney’s commercialized adaptation of Aladdin, one of the many One Thousand and One Nights stories. If that seems a bit gauche for you, we’d recommend turning up the Ghost’s sound system (improved for 2013 with headliner-mounted tweeters) and popping in a CD of Scheherazade, Rimsky-Korsakov’s famous musical adaptation of the same collection of stories.

Rolls-Royce hasn’t detailed pricing or availability of the special edition model but expect the Bespoke department to command a sizable fee to upgrade the Ghost over its roughly $261,000 asking price – and, at that, expect it to be popular primarily within the Middle East. The One Thousand and One Nights collection debuts with this brown-and-caramel model at the Sharjah International Auto Show; two more models will follow next year.

Source: Rolls-Royce