Rolls-Royce Exploring Feasibility of SUV

It’s hard to think of an automotive brand anymore that doesn’t have an SUV of some sort in its lineup. Even Porsche, that opened the floodgates for high-performance premium SUVs, now has two, and soon to join the club are Maserati and Bentley. Ferrari mercifully has not given in to diluting its brand with a high-rider. But at least one of the other current SUV holdout is considering the possibility. Rolls-Royce is exploring the feasibility of an SUV, according to a Reuters report.

Although Rolls-Royce is closely looking into the possibility, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes did not fully commit the brand to offering and SUV, telling Reuters the brand was exploring whether the traditional SUV attributes of off-road capability and sportiness fit with the brand’s values.

If Rolls-Royce does bring an SUV to market, it will likely be the highest-priced sport-utility on the market, and may be powered by a V-12. Rolls-Royce is part of the BMW group, and the largest SUV in the group currently is the BMW X5. There has been discussion of a sport-utility larger than the X5, which could serve as the basis of a Rolls SUV. It’s highly unlikely a completely bespoke chassis would be developed for a low-volume model, as a $200,000+ SUV would undoubtedly be. Should Rolls-Royce get into the SUV market, or should it stick to large, luxurious sedans and coupes?

Source: Reuters

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