Rinspeed announces E2 Concept Based on Fiat 500 Abarth Essesse

Did you ever wish your car offered a low power, high efficiency mode for city driving plus a higher powered mode for hopping on the freeway? Swiss tuner Rinspeed attempts to solve the problem with the E2 concept.

Based off the hot, 160-hp Fiat 500 Abarth Essesse, the E2 offers all 160 ponies when in “Highway” mode. In the city, the driver can select a “Commuting” mode that lowers the engine’s output to 60 hp. Highway and commuting modes reportedly yield 34 and 59 mpg, respectively.

The concept is able to obtain the higher fuel mileage at the push of a button by altering the engine electronics. The E2 will debut in Geneva along with the iChange concept. With the two new concepts, Rinspeed is attempting to respond to the rapidly changing requirements of the market and the sociopolitical misconceptions about the tuning industry.


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2017 FIAT 500

2017 FIAT 500

MSRP $19,995 Abarth Hatchback


31 City / 40 Hwy

Horse Power:

101 @ 6500


97 @ 4000