Rezvani Debuts 2018 Beast Alpha with $100,000 Price Drop

Reverse mini-van doors now optional extra

Last year, Rezvani, a boutique auto manufacturer based in Southern California, introduced the Beast Alpha. It weighed just 1,950 pounds thanks to an all carbon-fiber body construction, and packed a turbocharged Honda K24 four-cylinder engine packing 500 horsepower. All of which cost the customer a cool $200,000; a lot to consider based on the recent emergence as a company. A year later Rezvani has added an additional trim, slashed the price, and made much of what made the Beast Alpha cool, optional.

Rezvani’s Beast now comes in two trim levels, the Beast Alpha, which features a 400 horsepower supercharged K24 four-cylinder, and a more hardcore Beast Alpha X that uses a turbocharged K24 four-cylinder generating 525 horsepower.

The bump in power in the Beast Alpha X is thanks to new forged racing internals, performance camshafts, valves, springs, and high-flow injectors. The engine’s compression was also reduced to help with the extra boost from the new Borg Warner turbocharger.

However, the most glaring new detail on the Rezvani Beast Alpha is the price drop. As mentioned before, when Rezvani introduced the Beast Alpha last year, the company stated that the car would cost $200,000. Now, the 400 horse Beast Alpha starts at just $95,000, with the 525 horsepower Beast Alpha X starting at $159,000.

But why the drop in price you ask? Well, many of the pieces such as the reverse mini-van doors and carbon-fiber body that was standard in last year’s Beast Alpha are now optional extras. The sweet doors, those will cost you an extra $10,000. A paddle shift transmission, another $15,000. And the carbon-fiber body, which will only drop the Beast Alpha’s weight by just 50 pounds, that’s $20,000 extra.

Other optional extras include an adjustable suspension for $2,500, a choice between carbon ceramic brakes for $8,500 or AP Racing steel brakes for $3,700, a full leather interior for $3,500, a new shift knob for $250, sport seats for $3,700, an all-carbon-fiber steering wheel for $1,500, $650 hand-stitched leather floor mats, and a premium stereo for $3,500.

Rezvani states that it’s now taking deposits on the 2018 Beast Alpha and Beast Alpha X. Customers will be required to put down a deposit of $1,000. Rezvani hasn’t stated when deliveries would begin.