Report: Toyota Likely To Sign-Off on GT86 Convertible, PlayStation Telemetry System

It’s now extremely likely that Toyota will launch a convertible version of its GT86 sports coupe by early 2014, pending final decisions in Japan. The company also will launch a feature allowing drivers to link their car to a Sony PlayStation to download driving data, according to Autocar.
Ever since the Toyota GT86 — sold as the Scion FR-S in the U.S. and twinned with the Subaru BRZstarted production this spring, there’s been plenty of speculation as to whether the automakers will build a convertible version. Although no firm decision has been made, it’s extremely likely a drop-top GT86/FR-S will launch in early 2014. Toyota engineers told Autocar that the engineering work necessary for the model had been completed, and that Toyota anticipates a GT86/FR-S convertible would have strong sales in places like California.
Another development for the car is a so-called “black box” telemetry system, which owners could retrofit to their cars. It will allow drivers to record their performance at track days and download to a Sony PlayStation for analysis. The software also will reportedly offer tips, demonstrations, and more information about driving the Toyota sports coupe on some of the world’s most famous tracks. Though a track day-oriented options package seems unusual for conservative Toyota, it was apparently championed by company CEO Akio Toyoda.
It’s unclear whether Subaru would launch a convertible version of its take on the GT86, the BRZ.
Source: Autocar