Report: Toyota GT86, Scion FR-S Sedan Headed To Production

Toyota planning a GT86/FR-S sedan?

Although Toyota has reportedly said no to a convertible version of the GT86 sports coupe — sold in America as the Scion FR-S — our colleagues at Motor Trend report that a sedan variant is under development. The report suggests that a Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S sedan has been approved and could debut as a concept at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

Toyota officials reportedly nixed plans for a GT86 / Scion FR-S convertible because adding a folding roof mechanism would have required lengthening the car’s wheelbase, adding significant cost and complexity. Motor Trend says that a sedan, however, has been approved to go on sale in 2015 as a 2016 model. Its wheelbase will be 3.9 inches longer than that of the standard GT86 / FR-S coupe (pictured), and MT reports that the sedan will have design elements inspired by traditional Japanese katana Samurai swords.

To cope with its increased weight, as well as criticisms that the current coupe is underpowered, the Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S sedan would reportedly add some sort of hybrid system atop its current 2.0-liter boxer-four engine. Based on current Toyota hybrid technology, the system would reportedly boost the car’s output to about 250 hp. Previous reports suggested that Toyota was already investigating more powerful engine options, including a hybrid system, that could arrive when the GT86 / FR-S is refreshed in 2015.

In March, Toyota GT86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada wrote on Toyota U.K.’s official blog that he had always conceived several body styles for the sports coupe. “Along the way, we investigated the possibility of a sedan [saloon] and a shooting brake,” he said. Expect to learn more about the potential for a sporty sedan as the Geneva Motor Show approaches.