Report Says Chevrolet May Drop ‘Aveo’ Name; Suggest A New One

In a story clear out of left-field, we’ve learned that Chevrolet may be considering dropping the “Aveo” name for the new model of its compact hatch.

In a shocking development, GM’s President of North America, Mark Reuss, explains to Automotive News that the Aveo name is, as AN puts it, “difficult to pronounce and confuses customers.” No mention of the fact that the Aveo is nearly universally panned as a bottom-shelf driving appliance and the name is likely tarnished beyond salvation.
Sarcasm aside, GM no doubt realizes that the Aveo name doesn’t resonate especially well with consumers thanks to sub-optimal perceptions of the current model (and all past models, for that matter). The new Aveo, set to debut sometime next year as a 2012 model, is a big step forward in design, if not quality and driving dynamics, which we won’t know until we’ve actually had the chance to drive one. Giving Chevrolet the benefit of the doubt, the company certainly doesn’t want to handicap the new-and-improved model with a sullied name, so a new title is under consideration.
Reuss didn’t, however, comment on what names the company is considering, so here’s your chance to be a part of some market research. Tell us and GM what you think the new car should be called in the comments. We’re pulling for Chevette.
Source: Automotive News (subscription required)

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