Report: Panamera-Killer Bugatti Galibier to Debut in Late 2012

Ever since Bugatti’s 16C Galibier was shown as a concept in 2009, rumors of the sedan’s chances of production swirled. We previously reported that the that the Galibier had been given a green light. German magazine Auto Motor und Sport seems to have received more official word from Bugatti.

The 2013 Galibier appears to be everything a four-door Veyron should be. The Galibier will feature the same 8.0-liter W-16 that’s found in the Veyron, but in the Galibier’s case, it’s reported to be twin-supercharged instead of quad-turbocharged. As such, it’ll be a bit down on power when compared to the Veyron. However in Bugatti’s case, “down on power” is a relative term; that means the Bugatti super-sedan should put out anywhere from 800- to 900-hp through all four wheels.

Dürheimer told Auto Motor und Sport that the Galibier will be the, “undisputed [leader] in its segment.” Dürheimer also expects the Galibier to have a significantly higher production rate than the Veyron, with Bugatti building between 1000 to 1500 Galibiers, as opposed to the roughly 300 or so Veyrons that have been produced. Even with a larger production than the Veyron, the Galibier promises to be pricey. Dürheimer told the German auto rag that, “The price [isn’t] fixed yet, but will likely be significantly higher at over one million euros.” That’s almost $1.5 million in United States dollars.

If you have that type of cash on hand, start talking to a dealer today. The Galibier will likely be available to customers in late 2012.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport