Report: Next-Gen Volkswagen CC Under Development

A new version of the Volkswagen CC is already under development, and it could be built in North America. Volkswagen of America president Michael Horn gave our colleagues at Motor Trend more details on the new CC, as well as the next Volkswagen Tiguan, and the possibility of the GTD coming to the States.

Horn suggested that the next Volkswagen CC could go with a sleeker design similar to that of the Audi A7. “Two versions are being studied, and we’re seriously looking at a fastback version as one of them,” he told MT. The current CC (pictured at top) is a more stylish, design-focused sedan than the standard Passat, with a four-door coupe profile. The Audi A7, similarly, is a more rakish take on the A6 sedan, but with the fastback look to which Horn alludes.

Interestingly, Horn said that high import costs may force Volkswagen to in-source the next CC to the North America market. “With the cost of production going up, we’re looking at the business case, but maybe there’s another option, of waiting 2-3 years and getting the CC built here in the U.S. or in Mexico,” he said. Volkswagen has factories in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Puebla, Mexico.

As for the upcoming Volkswagen Tiguan, Horn said the main challenge is making the crossover more competitive with the segment-leading Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. The current Tiguan is far more powerful than most compact crossovers, and it’s also several thousand dollars more expensive. “We’re looking at the business case, about how we can get the price down, through packaging and where we produce the Tiguan,” Horn told MT, noting that, like the CC, the new Tiguan could be built in North America to cut costs.

Sating the Enthusiasts

The juiciest bits of news concern cars that appeal directly to Volkswagen enthusiasts. First, Horn confirmed that new GTD hot hatchback could still come to America. A diesel version of the regular Volkswagen GTI, the outgoing GTD impressed us with its frugal fuel consumption, prodigious torque delivery, and fun driving dynamics. But for now it remains unclear whether or not the all-new 2015 Volkswagen GTD will make it here. Last month, reports suggested Horn had decided against selling the car in the U.S. market; he told Automotive News in April, “The price point is not really attractive. So the probability is sort of diminishing.”

Now, however, Horn told MT the opposite. “We didn’t give up [on selling it in the States],” he said. “We have the business case, but it won’t be before the end of ’16 or early ’17. The probability is more likely now.”

Horn also said that the production version of the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen — it replaces the Jetta Sportwagen — will likely offer the 4Motion all-wheel-drive shown on the concept version (pictured above). That will help Volkswagen appeal to Subaru buyers and others who appreciate having four driven wheels on an affordable wagon.

“It’s very likely that the Sportwagen will come with 4Motion,” Horn said. “The Snow-belt regions are asking for it, and I think we’ve got an opportunity there to bring the car.”

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2014 Volkswagen CC

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