Report: Mazda Will Drop RX-8 from U.S. Lineup After 2011

If you’ve been toying with the notion of picking up a Mazda RX-8, you may want to start actively saving for one. Citing a source within Mazda’s North American ranks, Motor Trend says the rotary-powered sports coupe will be dropped from the U.S. lineup, possibly after the 2011 model year.

After looking at the sales figures, Mazda’s decision to drop the RX-8 isn’t too surprising. Although the model was updated in 2009, Mazda has managed to sell only 428 cars thus far in 2010. Global sales volumes will further be affected since Mazda’s European wing recently axed the model, as the Renesis rotary won’t meet upcoming EuroV emission standards.
While this may signal the death of the RX-8, it doesn’t mean Mazda’s finally moving away from rotary-powered sports cars. Motor Trend suggests the market-by-market wind-down of RX-8 sales could be a sign that Mazda is shifting its focus towards a new RX sports car — possibly even a revival of the vaunted RX-7. If true, a production version could arrive by 2013 at the earliest.
Source: Motor Trend


Buying Guide

2011 Mazda RX-8

Fair Market Price $12,238 Grand Touring (Auto) Coupe


16 City / 23 Hwy

Horse Power:

212 @ 7500


159 @ 5500