Report: Lexus LFA “Nurburgring Edition” to Hit Global Circuits Soon

If you thought the standard Lexus LFA was child’s play, and you happen to have more than $375,000 to spare, this unique model may be for you. Toyota has reportedly created a special Lexus LFA supercar called the Nurburgring Edition specifically for those looking to go really fast.

Details are very slim at the moment, but it appears to be tuned for the customer looking to track their nearly $400,000 exotic, or for the buyer who just wants a meaner LFA.

According to The Lexus Enthusiast blog citing a Japanese site, the Nurburgring Edition sports a fixed rear wing in place of the standard LFA’s electronically controlled unit, a revised front splitter and canards for extra downforce, a tuned suspension setup, stickier rubber, and a 10-horsepower boost (to around 570 horsepower total). It’s reported that it’ll come bathed in only four colors (three of which are translatable via Google) — matte black, black, and orange.

We’re guessing the few track-oriented bits will add to the regular LFA’s performance stats (and hefty price tag), but we’ll be sure to keep you informed once we get the official word from Lexus.

Source: The Lexus Enthusiast

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