Report: Jaguar XFR Sportbrake Tricky to Engineer, But Remains a Possibility

Jaguar’s XFR is one of a handful of cars that blend beauty and brute force; Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake takes the sultry front end from the XF sedan and mates it to a dog/shopping trip-friendly wagon for a pretty, convenient package. Mate the two ideas together and you get…a tricky proposition. We hear that while an XFR Sportbrake remains a possibility, it would be rather difficult to do.

Autocar reports that Jaguar global brand director Adrian Hallmark didn’t dismiss the idea of an XFR Sportbrake, saying that “it would be tricky” to reconfigure the Sportbrake’s self-leveling rear suspension to cope with the increase in power and acceleration force. The assertion makes a lot of sense: the current Jaguar XFR comes with a 5.0-liter, supercharged V-8 engine good for 510 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque, which should be enough to unsettle a soft or slow suspension setup.

It’s not unprecedented, however. Jag fans will note that the company made some serious under-skin changes to the front subframe on the XF to add all-wheel drive, and it appears those changes are much more involved than those in turning an XF Sportbrake into an XFR Sportbrake.

Hallmark said that if such a model did make it to production, it would be a limited-run affair, only 300 or 400 units.  Don’t expect those units to come cheap, either: the current XFR sedan starts at $84,095 (including destination) in the states. A limited-edition XFR Sportbrake would cost thousands more than that, perhaps hitting the $100,000 mark. For reference, there is a £2000 ($3251) difference between the base XF Sportbrake and a comparable XF sedan. It also bears repeating: the XF Sportbrake isn’t coming to the United States, so an XFR Sportbrake probably wouldn’t, either.

However, for true-blue fast wagon fans with enough cash to buy a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG wagon, Audi S6 Avant, or BMW X5 M (the current-generation M5 doesn’t have a wagon form currently) and a love of Jaguar, it could be worth the price.

Source: Autocar

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