Report: Is a Holden-Tuned Chevy Cruze SS Coming Our Way?

Enthusiasts mourning the loss of the Chevrolet Cobalt SS may soon have a way to ease their grief. Although we previously reported that General Motors likely nixed a tuned version of the new Chevy Cruze sedan, it seems there’s still room for discussion. General Motors’ in-house Australian tuning division Holden Special Vehicles might be at work to produce a Supersport variant.

Though HSV is known for installing massive V-8s in mainstream Holden products, the tuning house’s customized Cruze would still be powered by a four-cylinder engine. Its target? The Volkswagen GTI and its ilk. Holden admits that its last attempt at a tuned four-banger, the Astra-based HSV VXR, didn’t generate enormous sales. GM’s Delta II platform serves both the Cruze and the new Astra.

The Cruze has been on sale in Australia for longer than it has in the United States, but HSV plans to take its time in tuning the Cruze. While some American automakers are trading cylinders for better fuel economy, HSV’s emphasis in the Land Down Under is still on its V-8 lineup. Unlike the CS appearance package designed for the United Kingdom, HSV’s package would focus on all-around performance.

Australian magazine Drive‘s illustration hints that the SS model moniker might be desined for the five-door hatchback. Would you consider a place in your garage for a Cruze SS, in either hatchback or sedan form? Or does the GTI still rank highest among hot hatches? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Drive


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