Report: Bugatti Galibier Sedan Production Pushed Back to 2015-2016

The Bugatti Galibier has been delayed again, according to Autocar. The latest delay in the super sedan’s development comes as Bugatti works to figure out what the market wants from a Bugatti sedan.

The Galibier was first introduced as a concept back in 2009. It featured all-wheel drive and a twin-supercharged version of the Veyron’s 8.0-liter W-16, with “800-900-hp;” a figure that’s risen to quadruple digits in the years since.

Along the way, the four-door super sedan has been delayed to make the car more powerful, roomier, better-looking, and more luxurious. Now, according to Wolfgang Schreiber, chief of Bentley and Bugatti, the sedan will not hit the market until 2015 or 2016. Why? “I would say it is more difficult to fulfill all the requirements for Bugatti customers than Bentley customers,” Schreiber told Autocar.

Despite the delay, Schreiber remains convinced that the Galibier is a car that Bugatti needs in its lineup, noting that ” customers would be very pleased if we had a second car.”

What must the Galibier have to please Bugatti customers?

Source: Autocar